Support Services for Winery Wastewater Treatment Systems

Specialty Treatment Solutions is an industry-focused wastewater treatment solution specializing in wine-industry process waste. Many years of experience in the fields of irrigation, wine production, and wastewater treatment have given our team the capabilities to customize a plan specific for each customer, from small family-owned to large winery corporations.

Remote monitoring operations

Leave the regular monitoring to us! Because the incoming wastewater stream is always changing, periodic adjustments need to be made to the process. Remote system monitoring reduces the need for daily supervision from on-site personnel. STS technicians can assist the operator in making periodic adjustments to the process, ensuring your wastewater system is operating correctly and meeting regulatory requirements.

Operations & maintenance services

With a skilled technical services team in place, STS offers Operational Service options that are tailored to meet the specific needs of the winery and the system. With any Operational Service Contract, STS will guarantee the performance of the system within its design parameters. Let us take care of your wastewater treatment system and predictive maintenance!

Operations service contract options

Wineries come in all shapes and sizes, therefore monthly costs of the winery wastewater treatment system depend on the system design, typical winery operations, regulatory requirements, and location. We also offer Operations Support Services, listed below. Contact us for more information and pricing. We will make sure the operations contract you choose is well-suited for your operation and your team.

Full Service

Basic Service

Daily Remote Monitoring Only

Daily Remote Monitoring




Alerts to winery if STS Operator notes an issue




Phone/email support*




STS Operator interaction with winery staff on current winery operations



Biology health protection and preservation



Routine system checks and site visits (includes 30-point site inspection)

1-3 site visits per week, depending on winery operations

1-2 checks per month, depending on winery operations

Sludge Digester Decant Services


Clean natural biology/solids build-up within walls of system


pH chemical and UREA Nutrient management**


Health assessment to facilitate predictive maintenance of the system





* Maintenance & Troubleshooting calls in excess of what is listed above will be invoiced separately.

**Cost of the chemicals and nutrient is not included and will be invoiced directly from the chemical supplier. STS will notify winery contact of chemical orders.

Monthly operations reporting

Our Full Service and Basic Service plans include routine system visits, in which an STS operator will go through a 30-point site inspection including:

  • Check and manage DO & PH levels
  • Check influent and effluent flow meter reading
  • Check, clean, and calibrate pH probes and level sensors
  • Check tank levels and level sensors
  • Influent flow, RAS and WAS adjustments based on winery operations
  • Blower output adjustments based on DO levels
  • pH and Nutrient parameters & dosing adjustments

You will receive a monthly report with all the forms completed by the STS operator during their visits, so you can keep track of what has been done and the status of your system.

Wineries responsibilities

Wineries should notify STS personnel in advance of any change in the flows or process; or any new chemicals added or removed from their sanitation, cleaning or bottling process, so STS can evaluate any new characterization of water to advise on fitness of processing in the system.

With Full-Service plans, STS’ trained technicians will take all care and responsibility in the operation of the system but will not be liable for any exceedances or fines due to changes made by the winery that affect the quality of the effluent and is outside of STS’s control.

Winery personnel should also perform regular cleaning of inline canister screens (where installed).

With Basic Service plans, direct interaction with the system is required by winery staff for the proper operation. Qualified winery staff should be available to assist the STS operator to complete operational services, as required.

The winery personnel will also perform pH chemical and UREA Nutrient management.

With Daily Remote Monitoring plans, winery staff performs daily operations of the system. Winery will be responsible for the proper function of the System and biology health protection and preservation.

Maintenance services & support

The STS System should be maintained in a similar fashion to other winery equipment. The STS System consists of several electrical/mechanical pieces of equipment, including pumps, blowers, and instrumentation. The system will require maintenance, repairs, and parts replacement as needed or per manufacturer recommendations. Parts and labor for maintenance, repairs and parts replacement will be invoiced separately.

Some of the additional services offered by STS include:

  1. Replacement of sensors and probes
  2. Removal and cleaning of MBR cartridges
  3. Chemical cleaning in place (CIP) of MBR cartridges
  4. Oil, filter, belt and/or bearing replacement in blowers
  5. Blower replacement
  6. Impeller, seal and/or bearing replacement in pumps
  7. Pump replacements
  8. Biology recovery and bioremediation due to quality of wastewater generated by winery
  9. Addition of bioaugmentation and nutrients
  10. Rotary Screen maintenance
  11. Sludge pumped and hauled off as required
  12. Clean and pressure wash exterior of system
  13. Sampling, monitoring, or reporting as required by the Regional Water Quality Control Board

Let us take care of your winery wastewater system

If you would like more details on any of these options, please contact us. Our well-trained team is happy to answer any questions and discuss the details on our service contracts and additional operational services. If you are not sure which service contract is suitable for your facility, our experienced staff can help guide you through our service offerings in order for you to make an informed decision.

Not owning an STS system yet?

We still can help with your system operations, our State Certified Operators and experienced staff can operate, service or repair any type of wastewater or drinking water treatment system or components.

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