Package Wastewater Treatment

Packaged wastewater treatment plants provide efficient, cost-effective solutions for remote and decentralized applications. Our pre-engineered systems are designed to meet specific industry treatment needs within compact footprints by using the latest innovations in screening, biological digestion, membrane filtration, and disinfection.

STS Package Wastewater Treatment Plants

Specialty Treatment Solutions (STS) designs and manufactures reliable, compact wastewater treatment systems for high-volume influents. Our pre-engineered, modular systems are ideal solutions for wineries, breweries, remote communities, resorts and campgrounds, or any organization needing efficient water treatment.

STS package plants treat process waste, sanitary waste, or combined wastewater streams in a small footprint. The fiberglass-reinforced, corrosion-resistant tanks come equipped with built-in equalization, moving bed bioreactors, aerobic digesters, membrane filtration, UV disinfection, and full remote monitoring and control capabilities. Our technical experts tailor each system to meet client-specific treatment requirements while maintaining aesthetic appeal and simplifying installation.

How We Work: Understanding Our Process

Every STS package system starts with a consultation to analyze the client’s wastewater composition, volume, existing infrastructure, sustainability initiatives, and compliance needs. Our team determines the ideal system specifications to meet treatment regulations in the most cost-effective way possible. Design and engineering then size and configure the tanks, treatment technology, and peripherals.

Manufacturing occurs at our U.S. composite production facility, which helps ensure quality control and prompt delivery times. Our technicians oversee equipment installation and provide comprehensive training on operations and maintenance when the system is commissioned.

Throughout ownership, clients receive continuous remote system monitoring, data tracking, optimization adjustments, troubleshooting assistance, and on-site maintenance through our STS technical services team.

STS Innovations

At STS, we continuously enhance our award-winning wastewater treatment technology to improve process efficiency and sustainability. Our innovations include:

  • New generation fiberglass-reinforced tanks with UV stabilization and corrosion resistance
  • Dual-zone aerobic digesters to stabilize solids
  • Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR), a biological wastewater treatment process that improves efficiency
  • Easy-to-clean membrane cassette filtration achieving California Title 22 purity certification
  • Web-based automation for seamless remote system control and management

These purposeful designs allow our packaged systems to meet strict effluent requirements in the smallest possible size.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Our Package Wastewater Treatment

STS strives to provide package wastewater systems that solve problems for our clients. Here are some of the key benefits for businesses:

Environmental Sustainability

The keystone of our water treatment systems is environmental sustainability. STS systems enable the reuse and recycling of water to reduce your operation’s wastewater footprint. Our solutions also minimize energy, physical footprint, chemical use, and solids generation compared to other methods. STS water treatment solutions allow facilities to meet or exceed all federal, state, and local effluent regulations.

Operational Efficiency

Our remote monitoring and automation features significantly decrease daily operator labor while optimizing treatment performance. The compact, modular configurations save space and simplify installation and future expansion. We also offer optional Operational Service and maintenance contracts, where our technicians perform daily routine monitoring and regular site visits to help manage your wastewater system.

Return on Investment (ROI)

By treating high-strength wastewater on-site and reusing effluent, STS systems reduce client costs for sewer discharge, fresh water, and fertilizer. Our modular, compact systems also minimize infrastructure and land costs compared to alternatives. Allow us to increase your profitability through water reuse, operational labor reduction, and compliance with relevant regulations.

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Industry-Tailored Approach

With deep expertise in wine, breweries, food production, and industrial wastewater treatment, STS designs effective water treatment solutions catered to unique industry water qualities, volumes, and needs. We understand the distinct challenges of treating process wastewater and sanitary wastewater. Trust us to simplify compliance, maximize reuse potential, and boost sustainability. See our custom wastewater treatment systems.

Monitoring and Maintenance

We proudly back our systems with 24/7 remote monitoring, optimization adjustments, troubleshooting assistance, regulatory reporting, and on-site maintenance through our skilled technical services team. Our experts proactively identify and rapidly resolve issues through real-time data tracking and industry-leading response times. With our Operations Service Contract, we become an extension of your team.

Interested In Package Wastewater Treatment? Contact STS Today

STS offers reliable, efficient wastewater treatment systems purpose-built for your industry and business needs. Our solutions enable businesses to recycle water, meet regulations, reduce costs, and improve sustainability. With deep industry knowledge and experience and a commitment to service, we simplify ownership.

Explore water treatment systems or contact our water treatment experts today to discuss your specific needs. We look forward to creating an effective, hassle-free wastewater treatment solution for your operation.

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