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5 Ways To Reuse Winery Wastewater

All wineries produce wastewater, and efficient wineries find ways to effectively reuse that wastewater after it has been treated. Especially important during times of drought, reusing wastewater reduces a winery’s water footprint and saves money, both in water supply costs and disposal fees. Here are a few ideas on how to use the treated wastewater

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Winery Wastewater Treatment Glossary

Activated Sludge: A brownish flocculent of bacterial organisms developed in aeration tanks. Activated Sludge Process: Method of eliminating pollution in wastewater. Oxygen is released into tanks containing dissolved organic substances. Bacteria in the tanks break down the organic pollutants. Water is then separated from the activated sludge and discharged. Most of the sludge is reused

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Winery Wastewater Treatment Solutions Overview

A winery wastewater treatment system is beneficial for numerous reasons. With the current drought situation in many parts of the world, water is more valuable, and alternative water sources need to be evaluated more than ever throughout a winery. A treatment system allows process water to be cleaned and re-used for irrigation or within the

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how to reduce winery wastewater

Tips to Reduce Winery Wastewater

Reducing and managing winery wastewater goes beyond complying with regulations or being kind to the environment. It is a business initiative which is linked to efficiency and profit. The more water a winery consumes, and the more wastewater produced, the more it costs to treat the water, both in equipment needed and time. Understanding how

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winery wastewater footprint

Winery Water Footprint

How much water does it take a winery to produce a bottle of wine, and how does that contribute to the cost of the entire winery operation? Knowing your operation’s water footprint has never been more important. As climate change drives droughts and water scarcity, water becomes more expensive to buy, and regulations regarding winery

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winery wastewater regulation in california

Winery Wastewater Treatment Regulations in California

The wine industry is an important contributor to the economy and to employment in California. Left unchecked, process water generated by the wine industry can negatively affect groundwater quality. Previously, permitting statewide was inconsistent, and there were no uniform standards governing the discharge requirements for process water from the wine industry. The State Water Resources

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Winery Wastewater Characteristics

Wineries produce wastewater, and it’s important to winery operations and the environment to ensure that the wastewater is properly treated. In order to define the best suitable wastewater treatment solution, knowing the winery wastewater characteristics of your facility is key. However, it may be difficult to know exactly what the winey wastewater parameters will be

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