5 Ways To Reuse Winery Wastewater

All wineries produce wastewater, and efficient wineries find ways to effectively reuse that wastewater after it has been treated. Especially important during times of drought, reusing wastewater reduces a winery’s water footprint and saves money, both in water supply costs and disposal fees.

Here are a few ideas on how to use the treated wastewater around a winery.

1.  Irrigation

Properly treated wastewater can be used throughout a winery for irrigation of the vines. This is especially important during the driest parts of the growing season. Routine monitoring of a treatment system means that the water characteristics will be within local regulations for wastewater and, therefore, is safe to irrigate the vines while not damaging the soil.

2.    Landscaping and Natural Habitat

Reuse winery wastewater in the landscaping around the property; welcome guests with a beautiful display of flora without worrying about the cost of keeping it watered. Or the water can be used to create a natural habitat or wetland, which attracts flowering plants, migratory birds, dragonflies, and more.

3.    Tank Washing

Properly treated and sanitized water may then be used for washing tanks. This is particularly used at wineries where fresh water is expensive to source, or an on-site source of fresh water is not available.

4.    Livestock

If a winery raises livestock, or they are raised in nearby fields, treated wastewater can be piped out to irrigate those fields. Well-treated wastewater may be safe for the animals to drink as well. Wineries with chickens, sheep, and goats are becoming more common, as these animals can replace chemical herbicides and pesticides.

5.    Fire Prevention

Wastewater can be stored in a tank, pond, or canal to be used for on-site fire prevention and control. Narrow ponds and canals can create a fire break on the property. Adding pumps and spraying equipment means fighting a fire is possible until local firefighters arrive.

These are just a few ways to reuse winery wastewater. To go even further, an operation should evaluate its standard operating procedures to find ways to reduce its total water footprint and how much wastewater is produced.  These are the first steps to take before deciding on a wastewater treatment system.

Specialty Treatment Solutions specializes in efficient, low-cycle, cost-effective wastewater treatment systems that reuse and recycle water. They are designed to fit a site’s specific needs and goals while meeting local wastewater treatment regulations, including the California State Winery Wastewater Regulations. Our team can assist you in identifying needed changes in your operation, reviewing your winery wastewater characteristics, and selecting the best wastewater treatment system for your current and future needs.

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